Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finaly something to report

Man has it been a long time since I sat down to update our poor neglected blog site. Sorry about that. I blame Facebook but really I am to blame. I keep getting myself involved in more projects when I still haven't started ones that are staring me in the face every day. We have moved our boat shop down the beach into #76 Salmon Beach but still are getting things in working order and clearing out enough space to set up some project space. The Whitehall is in the new shop and today we moved the Salmon Beach rowboat to....The Center for Wooden Boats at Camma Beach, Camano Island. Now I know that it is a long way from our shop but we still have a few few projects in the cue before the poor old girl will get any attention from us. We thought Andrew's plans to have some school kids help him take the lines were just what we had hoped we would be doing with it at the beach and, if he has the time and the students, then that is where she should be. So for the next year (and a day), we have a warm, dry and busy boat shop two hours north of Salmon Beach that we can go to see her any time. I have asked Andrew to keep us posted on the progress (with pictures I hope) and when we hear from him, so will you.

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