Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 This Is The Year!

We have all finally made it thru the holidays and into the new year, no into a new decade. I have to say the optimist in me is thinking that this is going to be a good one. My friend Scott is back and we have even managed to squeeze in a day of work on the Whitehall before he flew off to see his folks and before hitting the books again. We had decided that although we had done several coats of epoxy on the inside of the boat that there were enough holes and cracks that if we didn’t fill them we were risking somehow getting water in contact with the old tender original wood that we have worked so hard to protect. So once again we are going over the interior of the boat filling scrapping and sanding. I have discovered that the most valuable skill one can bring to a boat restoration project of any size is patience.

We are into our winter weather now with short days and plenty of rain, good weather for staying inside and working on a boat (as long as it isn’t freezing outside as we don’t have a very good heat source in the shop).This has also been the time of year when we get our highest tides of the year and as long as the wind doesn’t blow, it can make for interesting water watching as the stuff that is floated off by the high tide floats by on the outgoing current. I am not suggesting that a good blow with a 14+ tide isn’t interesting but it can be a little destructive and that’s just another thing to keep me from the boat shop.

A week before Christmas Eve I dropped something large and heavy on my right foot and although it didn’t break any bones it has slowed me down some. I did however in the week that I was at home with my foot propped up, have a chance to complete a little project that I was trying to get done for Christmas. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to do something to show my appreciation to some of my friends that have been so helpful on the current rowboat project. So with the help of the good people at Ink Inc. in Tacoma, we came up with some nice artwork to put on tee-shirts and sweatshirts. They came out great although the one I had done for Amber was too big so I will be doing another order soon.

I have never been one to do the whole New Years Resolution thing but I have been thinking that I should make a promise to myself to spend more quality time in the boat shop. That sounds a whole lot like a resolution but I may do better with a promise. Anyway someone the other day asked me if this would be the year that we would be rowing the Whitehall in the 4th of July rowboat race and I had to smile. I have been saying every year that “this is the year” and this may be the year. So hang in there and tag along if you like, there will be some interesting distractions (some already in the planning stages) and I will try to keep you up to date as best as I can. Happy New Year


  1. This year can be anything you want it to be and hopefully we can get together a little bit more.

  2. Hmmm...might I be part of those distractions ;)

  3. Okay, don't know if you have seen this, but I thought a little inspiration on a wet Saturday was in order . . .

    Read through the chapters, funny as hell some of it!

  4. Alright, a great article in the TNT. . .